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Customwood MDF
Building on a history of innovation, we continue to perfect the technology required to process an inherently variable natural bubre and turn it into a consistently high quality product. This has not only established Customwood® as a household name, it also enables us to remain at the forefront of our industry, setting the standard for MDF production worldwide.

Welcome to Customwood by Daiken
When the MDF site in North Canterbury was first
commissioned in the mid-1970s, MDF was a completely
new product that presented many engineering challenges.

Since then, the operation has been responsible for many world-first breakthroughs in MDF production. This includes the introduction of a new blow line resin blending technique in 1976 to produce uniform consistency and colour – a technique that has since become an industry standard.

The plant also pioneered changes to the operation of the press to increase board strength, and later developed ultralite panels in response to demand for an extremely lightweight product with superb machining characteristics. In addition, we are leading the way in our commitment to low emissions – in 2000, the plant was the first facility outside Japan to meet the stringent Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS).
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