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Daiken New Zealand is committed to a programme of continual quality development and exceeding industry standards.

As part of our comprehensive external and in-house quality programme, our plant and products operate to ISO quality standards. We monitor, benchmark, and strive to continuously improve our business performance, products, systems and individual performance.

In addition, we employ a strict internal quality programme of ‘kaizen’ – a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, and personal efficiency

This has enabled us to maintain an efficient manufacturing operation, transparent operating procedures and a focus on minimising waste, while continually working to move capability to a higher level.

We also believe in open communication, working alongside the market to understand key areas of performance and how these can be improved

This is the difference between standard MDF products and Customwood® – a range of products that will meet the strictest international standards. It has also positioned Daiken New Zealand at the forefront of our industry globally
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